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The Restaurant

Current operators (and cousins) Christina Hebert Bourg and Francisco (Pipo) Sterling are the children of Cuban immigrants Sonia Sterling Hebert and Francisco (Frank) Sterling, respectively. Sonia and Frank both left Cuba with their parents during the early days of Castros’ Cuba. They came to America looking for a better life. Sonia and Frank both eventually settled with their families in Morgan City, LA. Sonia and Frank always said how warm and welcoming the community of Morgan City was to them and to all of the Cuban families that choose to start their new lives here. In 1982 Frank opened up his 1st Cuban sandwich shop, El Indio, located in downtown Morgan City, across from Lawrence Park. Although only open for a short time, El Indio was a hit with the citizens of Morgan City. Over 20 years later, Frank once again went back to his love and passion for cooking and opened Latin Corner in 2004. Once again the people of Morgan City and surrounding areas showed up in droves to support him and his family. Frank worked alongside his son, Francisco and sister Sonia everyday for 14 years, solidifying that unique family atmosphere that has now become the backbone of Paco’s.

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Our Team

Pictured here are Christina and Francisco, current operators of Paco’s. You can find Christina at Paco’s everyday ready to greet you with a warm welcome as you walk in and you’ll find Francisco hard at work pouring his heart and soul into every delicious sandwich that comes out of his kitchen. Their 40 year relationship as cousins and friends makes you feel like you’re at home when you walk into Paco’s. Not pictured are Frank Sterling, Catilyn Vining, Jennifer Sterling and Jean Paul Bourg, the support system that Christina and Francisco could simply not do without.

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